Sunday, 5 January 2014

Ask the family

With less than a week to go before our next performance, (and only a few days before our next rehearsal) please enjoy this quiz. 
Designed to help with learning those blessed words and to encourage a little more crooning before epiphany.
This is definitely quite a set of teasers to get the old cerebellum churning over and have one reaching for the lyric sheets "just to confirm the answers" that you "knew all along"!

Anyway, fingers on the buzzers and no conferring.
1. Why should we stay off whiskey and ale?
2. Finish the line: Now I be a tidy...
3. What are constructed, in equal measure, once we have avoided life's many temptations? 
4. List all the uses of Duct Tape as prescribed in the Madrigal.
5. Da Ta Vit what?
6. Complete the following: Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb .....
7. Fill in the gaps: Ho, hey, yay, ha, ...........................................Steuermann her
8. Swindon girls may or may not be able to do this.
9. What precedes this line, 'To earn your frown what is my blame?
9a. Now finish the verse.
10. What come first? I could see that girl .... or, So before they ........

Still none the wiser?  Hope over to our Soundcloud for pieces beginning with A - L for M - Z pieces for audio answers or come along to Bradford Roots Festival this coming Saturday to find out all the answers.

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