Thursday, 16 January 2014

Friday Night is Music Night #1

No, not that Friday Night is Music Night . . . !  A very Magnificent Friday Night is Music Night.

Fed up of Friday nights in watching BBC4?  

Do you find yourself falling asleep in front of a documentary about aged Rock Stars?  

Wish you had something more stimulating to do that involved good company, stretching yourself, learning new skills and all for free plus a pint in your hand?

We may well have the answer to your wishes. . . . Friday Night is Music Night #1.

After much muttering and "pubtalk" (and no action) within Magnificentland a few spirited souls have finally got together to try to actually get things off the ground.  

The basic idea is very simple, provide a format for people to meet up in the Back Room of The White Hart, learn a few new songs and sing a few old ones.

The approach will be very informal with a couple of blokes acting as Meisters of Ceremony, coaxing people through a warm up then teach a new song, sing some others, teach another song and then sing a bit more.  

Sheets with the worms and tadpoles (words and music) will be provided.

Open to all who would like the excuse to go down the pub and sing a bit, so bring along WAGs & FoBaFoBs (Friends of Blokes and Family of Blokes).

We will aim to start around 20:30 and see how it goes.  So be there, and be at the start of something possibly, er, Magnificent.

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