Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bradford Roots Festival

Would you trust these shifty looking characters with 45 minutes of your time?  We certainly wouldn't, but the good folks of Bradford on Avon did and received rich rewards in the shape of a memorable performance from our valiant Blokes.

We were very pleased to be invited to the now annual Bradford Roots Music Festival A celebration of musical talent in Bradford on Avon that took place on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th January, 2014.

Our heroes overcame Post New Year hangovers and seasonal snuffles and severe jet lag to lash up a performance that had the audience, including a generous helping of the UK Spooky Men, lapping them up and baying for more.

The show included a slightly false starting "Gringo", followed by a lusty "Turnip Hoer’s Song" with the Vly very much in pesky attendance which neatly segued into a lovely rendition of "Shed" which tees up the slapstick of "The Duct Tape Madrigal" rather nicely.

The blokes then pulled out a beautiful rendition of "Shen Xar" before a number of chaps stepped forward in their Stove Pipe hats to regale the audience with the sing a long with cue cards that is "Unsung Heroes".  

Next came a new piece that has startled each and everyone of us how quickly it has come together and become a firm favourite with the lads, our attempt at one of the classics with our version of "The Norwegian Sailor's Song", which leads rather nicely into our very own classic "The Ashton Keynes Land Shanty" before finishing off with our Welsh section and a lovely "Myfanwy" topped off by a cracking "Delilah" which left the almost capacity audience shouting for more - but we knew we had the head start to the bar so declined! 

All of this can be heard for your delight at and is actually more than half decent.

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